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    AEBL and Amboyna kitchen knife

    Here's one I just finished up. I've done about 12 or 15 chef knives, but after some feedback from a professional chef, and after gawking at some of his $2500+ knives, I made a few changes to this one. This knife is narrower in the neck and has more contour to the handle than I've done before...
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    Work in batches

    Agree x100. I typically don't heat treat fewer than 5 or 6, and it's usually at least 10. Pre-HT and post HT grinding apply.
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    New to Folders - Slip Joint Template Resource

    I've made about 30 slipjoints from scratch, and I still printed off Craig's drawings. Made myself copies at 75%, 50%, and 25% as well.
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    Damascus small bowie, Texas historical materials

    Twice a year I make a knife with Texas historical materials. This is the knife from spring of 2019. The knife features my random pattern Damascus of 1084/15n20. The guard is wrought iron from the first railroad into Dallas, 1872. The dark spacers are blued mild steel from the gate of the...
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    Tapering tangs.

    Think about it like flat grinding a really long bevel. Scribe your lines on the end, then cut the bevel in steep to your desired thickness. Walk the grind toward the ricasso, and stop past the point of your handle material or bolster. Front, rear, or middle of the ricasso is up to you. I use...
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    Whiskey Barrel and Resin Scale

    I have whiskey barrel PTSD, lol.
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    2018 KD Members Choice Awards - NEO TRIBAL / BUSHCRAFT / HAWKS, AXES

    I did this pair, but they're nowhere near the one that Ed just posted.
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    2018 KD Members Choice Awards - NON TACTICAL FIXED BLADE Under 10" (Over all)

    This is my most interesting one this year. The steel is 33 layers of 1084/15n20, and the other half of this billet was in my Forged in Fire final weapon. The guard is wrought iron from my great-great grandfather's wagon wheel out of Spicewood, TX. The spacers are WW2 practice bomb metal. The...
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    How Do You Buy Supplies?

    I'm a buy as you go type guy. I run pretty thin margins between my family taking all the knife money. I order belts 150-250$ at a time, as often as I need to. When the account is good, I buy more. I use about a side of leather a year. I order steel whenever I need a specific size I'm out...
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    Call for Submissions... Do you want to be a published author?

    None taken, Dan. I certainly understand. With this push I've moved up from 13 chapters in hand to 22 committed. Several of the new ones are based on existing material and so will go fairly fast. I am fairly certain that there has never been a knifemaking anthology published. There are a...
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    Call for Submissions... Do you want to be a published author?

    As a writer, this is my first effort at a book. I do have master's degrees in psychology and religion, and am a technical writer in my day job. As a knifemaker, I've made knives a little over ten years. I've been in the national Knifemakers' Guild since 2013, and am the current president of...
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    Call for Submissions... Do you want to be a published author?

    Both, John. We've got chapters on how to use photography to advance your knifemaking, on the benefit of joining groups, on getting good mentors. We've got a chapter about learning to HT, and another about outsourcing HT. We've got an artistic design chapter. Whatever perspective you might...
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    Call for Submissions... Do you want to be a published author?

    I am the editor of an anthology centered around the theme of “Next Level Knifemaking.” We currently have 13 chapters and a publishing contract in hand, and are looking for more material. I am seeking chapters, articles, or essays for inclusion in this project. Most of the existing chapters are...
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    Texas History hunter

    I do three or four of these a year with various historic materials. I’ve built them to order when I can, but some like this one or just built for open sale.