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    Old Trenton Anvil

    I would absolutely love to own your anvil, but alas, Oregon is a bit of a drive, and where am I going to get the $500? I've been a fan of your work since my first few knives 11 years ago.
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    Damascus hunter

    Here's one I just finished up. I've been doing more Damascus lately, and trying to up my game in that regard. This one is 99 layer multibar opposing twist of 1084/15n20. It's also my first time to use Damascus fittings. The handle is a nice piece of Tasmanian blackwood. The Texas...
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    Barn wood scales...anyone done it?

    No reason that wouldn't work. Thin it from the back side like stag. Make sure it's good wood... if it were just pine, for example, might not be so cool.
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    Sneezin and Coffin

    Honestly there's no real reason. I had the plunges even and symmetrical, so I stopped. On the other one, it all lined up where the ricasso started. I've looked at this exact spot on quite a few JS and MS knives and haven't noticed a standard, although the error is probably in my noticing. I...
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    Sneezin and Coffin

    Same here. On a few of them, the only pins all the way through are the center ones. These two, I put all of them all the way through without any trouble.
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    Sneezin and Coffin

    Good considerations. That big open spot is the worst to me on the mesquite handled one. On the osage, at least it's balanced by the hole in the center, since I don't have a third pin on the center line. I can say, one reason I haven't put the front pins up so close is because of the way the...
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    Sneezin and Coffin

    I just try to approach it somewhat systematically, with a caliper. This knife, all the edge pins are .3 off the edge. The edge pins are on the lines 1/4 of the distance between the back pins and the guard. The center pins are the point of the X between the corresponding edge pins. I really...
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    Sneezin and Coffin

    The outer pins are all .3" from the edge of the handle. The back four are centered off the coffin corners. The back middle pin is equilateral off of the two rear corner pins. The front middle pin is 1/2 the distance to the guard from the back middle pin on the micarta, 1/3 the distance on the...
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    Sneezin and Coffin

    Thank you! That was a fun one for sure.
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    Sneezin and Coffin

    The ragweed these days is kicking my butt. Spent the better part of the long weekend sneezing and working on these two blades, both custom orders. One is a 99 layer multi-bar opposing twist Damascus with a fine piece of mesquite burl. The other is a more utilitarian forged 1084 with natural...
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    AEBL and Amboyna kitchen knife

    Here's one I just finished up. I've done about 12 or 15 chef knives, but after some feedback from a professional chef, and after gawking at some of his $2500+ knives, I made a few changes to this one. This knife is narrower in the neck and has more contour to the handle than I've done before...
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    Work in batches

    Agree x100. I typically don't heat treat fewer than 5 or 6, and it's usually at least 10. Pre-HT and post HT grinding apply.
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    New to Folders - Slip Joint Template Resource

    I've made about 30 slipjoints from scratch, and I still printed off Craig's drawings. Made myself copies at 75%, 50%, and 25% as well.
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    Damascus small bowie, Texas historical materials

    Twice a year I make a knife with Texas historical materials. This is the knife from spring of 2019. The knife features my random pattern Damascus of 1084/15n20. The guard is wrought iron from the first railroad into Dallas, 1872. The dark spacers are blued mild steel from the gate of the...