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    Our Own in BLADE again!!!!

    Thanks guys. I guess they'll put anyone in there these days. :) -John
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    Latest Large Hokkaido

    Here's my latest large Hokkaido. A framelock with 0.160" thick contoured Ti lock side with Ti liner, Chad's Whiplash Bolster, and some special tight weave carbon fiber on the presentation side. Yes, she's a lefty as well. The blade is stonewashed Elmax a little over 3/16" thick 3.75" long...
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    A few folders recently finished.

    Thanks everyone! -John
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    A few folders recently finished.

    Here are a few folders recently finished. -John
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    Hokkaido Folders

    Thanks guys. Calvin, some are framelocks and some are liner locks with 0.090" liners. John
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    Hokkaido Folders

    Here's a few Hokkaidos I finished recently. -John
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    Barker Tosa with 5" blade (pic heavy)

    Thanks guys! -John
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    Barker Tosa with 5" blade (pic heavy)

    This my Tosa with a 5" blade. Originally, I designed the Tosa to be a 6" blade. I scaled it down some and I am very pleased with the results. This one is about 0.190" thick at the ricasso. The blade is CPM S35VN with a high hollow grind and a tumbled finish. The scales are green and light...
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    Tactical Knives Magazine

    Congrts Scott! Terrell is a great guy. -John
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    Mammoth Ivory Wharncliffe Trapper

    That's a beaut! -John
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    Acid Etching - A cool blade mod!

    I would add one thing. It would be a good idea to put the resist inside the pivot hole and the path of the detent ball. The path of the detent is not as important as the pivot hole. Very cool. -John
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    Cts xhp

    XHP is great steel, just hard to find. It has been described as a stainless version of D2. It works great and is real, real easy to heat treat and needs only one temper. It is similar to work and finish to that of CPM S35VN. It is nothing like S30V. I aim for Rc of 60. 62 is too hard. I...
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    Just got this months Tactical Knives in the mail today

    Thanks Jasun. We got to get together one day buddy. John
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    10 November 1775

    Happy Birthday Devil Dogs! -John