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    Recent Kampman knives

    Love them, looks so natural :O
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    Check my new page at:

    Check my new page at:
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    Great craftwork! What are you going to use this knife for?
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    Greetings from British Columbia, Canada

    Welcome Connor!
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    new here

    Wow, never knew how they done those!
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    Liam Hoffman: Persian Dagger

    Love the curve on the blade and handle. Really unique style
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    Kiritsuke by Scott Fox

    Love it! :what!:
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    Three new ones for me

    Great knives! How long does it take to make one of them?
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    “Tomb Raider” Dagger by Bruce D. Bump MS

    What a Dagger! :what!:
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    Got any ideas?

    Great tattoo, love it! :cool: