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    FIF like or not thread

    Lol unreality. The lady doth protest too much.
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    Speed question?

    Yes. Easily. But it while it would be to my standards it would be a type of knife I really have no desire to make any more. Say something like this but using A2 and removable scales.
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    FIF like or not thread

    That hasn't stopped them yet :D
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    FIF like or not thread

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    Why do you make knives? Poll

    The women. They used to at best ignore me, now flocks of them gather round and I have to beat them away with a stick.
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    FIF like or not thread

    If nothing else it's helping you weed out people who really aren't serious about knife making. Shop time is my most precious commodity. I don't have any to waste on people who don't really want to learn what I have to teach.
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    FIF like or not thread

    I made a few knives in my life prior to Forged in Fire, starting after I read an Field and Stream article on how to make a knife from a file when I was 14. Over the last decade I'd been waffling between investing money into a shop set up for gunsmithing or knife making. Because I've worked in...
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    Varnish/oil Finishing On Scales

    I like True Oil for a glossy finish. I like using combinations of leather dye to get specific effects, especially with maple. It's hard to capture in still images, so I'm trying a gif here: Edit to add: I guess the gif kills some resolution, but the key thing I'm trying to show is that with...
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    Where should i sell my knives

    Instagram 101: Create a separate account for following Russian bikini models.
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    new and only Shop poster!(so far...)

    I don't know about your opinions but for $27 bucks I'm going to do the same thing with this:
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    new and only Shop poster!(so far...)

    John's just bent out of his shape because of his little hands. :p
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    Shop is not large enougth

    :D I love big dogs.
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    Etching discussion

    Lily pads :eek:
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    What power tool is used ...

    I don't know if this is kosher so if not, I apologize, but I laser cut a number of broach blanks after guys saw mine and asked me to make more. They're O1 and need to be sharpened, hardened and put into a handle, but they're inexpensive, $25 for a set (large and small). Directions on how to...