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    Arduino, thermocouple, firebricks, and heating elements?

    If that is the size you need then I suggest you keep your eyes open for a used enameling kiln. With the addition of a thermocouple, PID controller and contactor (and microswitch for the door) it is pretty easy to repurpose one as a heat treat oven.
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    The spendy part of Knifemaking

    You don't have isolation valves on either side of the hydronic pump assembly? That is a standard detail for every HVAC pumping system I've ever designed. Saves big on draining down the system for standard maintenance.
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    Forge Question

    I built one of my gas forges out of a similar Harbor Freight air cylinder (11 gallon size I think). Cut about 6" of length out and it still is kind of large. Looks like you are using full thickness fire brick in your forge, which is a lot of thermal mass and will heat slowly. Consider...
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    Forge Burner

    Naturally aspirated (NA) burners are very subject to malfunction, or poor function due to extremely small variations in their assembly and geometry. The alignment, position and size of the gas orifice is arguably the most critical aspect of the burner design. The best burner designs, IMHO...