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    Bowie in CPM-154 & Sambar Stag

    Darrin, That is some incredible work, AWESOME WORK, BRO! Rex
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    Wip ?

    Come on Guys & Ladies as well, All who appreciate a fine BB made Blade! Speak up now or just wait until...who knows when!!! I know Bruce would love to hear all who would and /or NEED to see a fine BB WIP!!!!! Speak up now or forever.....WAIT! I surely expected...
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    Wip ?

    Bruce, I agree wholeheartedly! Exactly how awful the world has turned, it's primarily due to how people ACT! How so many put themselves first before others that are nothing more than STRANGER'S around them that could be walking a road that's 1000 times harder than the road we are on! I think...
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    Things I have learned about grinding and Finish Sanding

    Great tip!! Every new maker (or old) needs to check this out! WHAT A GREAT TIP TO SHARE! JELLIS11, Without realizing it, I did the same thing without paying attention WHY I did it! I just knew my slag bucket was in the way for my feet to be where I needed them to be! So, what I had to do...
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    Things I have learned about grinding and Finish Sanding

    I would like to include that it is a necessity to remember to tuck your elbows into to the sides, as uncomfortable as that position is for me, it is by far the best advice I ever got! And once you do it a few times, you will remember to tuck those elbows! I think this tip is what Ed was eluding...
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    Pin layout on full tang knives

    Pin layout on full tang knives John, I too have spent way too long planning pin placement! I've tried several different methods!! But the way I've always wanted my pins, is so they are placed in a balanced way. I've had uniformity drilled in my head from my time in the Marines! Anytime I...
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    I have a problem a wood addiction problem

    John, If and when you find incredible handle material, that's affordable, you have to jump on it! Besides, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! OK, now everyone knows I'm a GEEK! Anyway, This looks like some BEAUTIFUL, BARK MAMMOTH IVORY!! What I'm NOT understanding about this material, is why the Fed's are...
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    I have a problem a wood addiction problem

    Most definitely, "money in the bank"!!!! WOW! So much figure, color, and just plain old AWESOMENESS IN PIECES THAT SIZED!!! I'm telling you the very first thing I was blown away by was the color, figure, and what I know will be Chatoyance, once polished, but then the size..., I mean SIZE, OF...
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    Martin QSB build

    Peter, Is this going to be a WIP, cuz if'n it is, I'm definitely SUBSCRIBED!!!! It looks awesome, I only wish I had some, of that type, of meteorite material like that, it's phenomenal looking material! Even if it was nothing but scrap pieces, I'd find a way to inlay it into either the...
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    Martin Voyager with Small Dot Superconductor

    WOW! That pretty much sums it up! Rex
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    want to start folders

    If this helps, Travis Wuertz makes an attachment for the KMG, that is the very next best thing to having a Surface Grinder, while it isn't cheap, it's built as robust as the KMG is. Plus, it allows for some other abilities, such as tapering the tang on a full tang blade. If you look on youtube...
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    Frame Back Friction Folder with Spyderhole

    I LOVE EVERYTHING about this knife, even the back..err...blade ....errr, OK it's obvious I have no idea what to call the blue bar on the back of the blade! It looks absolutely AWESOME!!! ONE QUESTION; While it does look like a Spyderco, does it perform like one? Adding the "Spyder hole", does...
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    VAMP -- Voorhies And Martin Project

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    Liner Lock with LSCF

    I can see why this is your favorite one..., to date! It's super NICE! Rex
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    Double detent foler

    Beautiful use of materials, first off, then the idea of using a double detent, is pretty much genius! Using the materials the way you did, with the colors red on black, the contrast has always been classic for years! NICE ONE!!!! REX