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  • John, send me your email addy or call me @ 334-430-6973, or my home number 334-358-5278, or you can email me at my home email addy
    I have some things i'd like to talk to you about, A lot more than working on a blade together a whole lot more! I want to share some ideas with you, I'd like to see if you might be interested in a business proposition. It's something we would need to talk about, I need someone that can help me on the reality side of metalurgy, maybe thats the wrong word, the side of metal work that knows what is possible and what isn't possible. My ideas maybe ahead of the technology that is available, while I have one that I know will work, i got to run, call me or send me your home email addy, talk to you soon, Rex
    A swayback wharncliffe is in the works. Watch for it in the next few weeks. Have you made any damascus yet with that new setup you have?
    Hey man, Didya see the finished MDA knife? Haven't heard from you in a few days in the WIP thread..
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