Mike Barton
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  • Wayne,

    Two Mike Bartons' in one lifetime, how unlucky can a guy get!!;)
    Don't tell my wife, she might have a coronary knowing there are two of us :eek::D

    It's my pleasure to be your second friend named Mike Barton
    My best friend from jr. high was Mike Barton. He made (ground from files) knives way back then. I visited with him a few years ago and he was still making knives. Checked you out and found you aint him. We were in southeast New Mexico. Oh well, now I have a new friend named Mike Barton.

    I am originally from the south..............the southwest of Michigan from the little township of South Haven. I lived in Winter Haven long enough to graduate High School, and meet my future wife. I moved back and got married, that was many years ago.

    How long ago were you living in Haines City?

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