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    Have I got this right???

    Definitely agree I picked up two 1 1/2" plates off Ebay cheap They don't need to be 1 1/2" but I stumbled onto this deal and that's the thickness they happened to be
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    Pivot Lap Basic (Out of Stock)

    Just bumping this up for the benefit of KD'ers These are back in stock...for now Get one while you can
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    Little Blade with antler

    Hmmm. Pet Smart. That's a good idea.
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    Meet BOB (Bug Out Blade)

    Work horse of a knife right there Nicely done
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    Scale storage

    Much better than the pile I keep mine in
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    Replica Knife

    STUNNING!! I like everything about this one
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    Finishing Up 3 pc Kitchen Set

    Very nice set
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    Kitchen knife for the Wife

    Very nice! Care to share the dimensions with us?
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    Handle thickness?

    Not really related to handle thickness but I'll throw this out there for anyone that doesn't already know about them. I use 1x72 scalloped belts for handle shaping. They're fantastic for curves and radiuses.
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    Modified Bowie - Finished Photos

    That turned out great! Ted's right. Its got great lines and flow. I swear, you out 10 knives for every 1 I finish.
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    I like it. Came out great
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    Show us your grinder.

    I'd like to say this picture was taken just before I cleaned up but my stuff is always a mess
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    Hollow grinding question

    I have blocks of wood that I've ground to have the same radius as my wheels (8" & 12") with leather glued to them. These are my main backers for sandpaper but I also have dowels of different diameters to use in tricky spots like the plunge.
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    New(ish) tool - Tapmatic

    I've been tapping holes for well over 25 years and I'll admit that I'm pretty darned good at it. However breaking a tap happens and if you've ever broken one you know what a colossal PAIN getting it out can be. Well I broke a 2-56 last week and finally decided to pull this tapmatic out and see...
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    Damascus Blade WIP Failure

    Ugh That sux. I know problems are part of the process but they can be very disheartening. I've had knives that went sideways every step of the way. And I've had knives that went smooth as buttered glass. Thankfully I have more knives go easy than not these days. Hang in there. Worse...