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    Zirconium and Blue Shred CF

    OUTSTANDING! That's a fine example of functional art
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    I'm seriously considering giving up knife making

    Thanks for the encouragement and the compliments. I'm definitely stepping away for a bit then I'll see how I feel after that.
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    I'm seriously considering giving up knife making

    I rarely get shop time now that the weather has broken. I'm lucky to get a few hours once a week because I work 60 - 70 hrs/week. So this weekend I had 3 days off and really wanted to hit knives hard. Things did not go as planned. I spent all my time making and then fixing one mistake after...
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    Glue carbon fiber

    I've glued CF to steel with West Systems without any problems. I just rough up the surfaces before glue up. Although I also use corby bolts on my scales.
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    Struggling with makers mark

    I don't see any problem at all with having an animal logo as long as your name is also included. For the logo shown I'd separate it from your name for clarity. Check out John Barker's maker mark. It's very well done and features his name prominently. Of course it helps that his name is...
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    The Moment: the dark side

    Heck I've got a 5 gallon bucket full of those moments
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    Electro etchers please respond.

    Hit it with windex to neutralize the electrolyte and lightly sand with whatever the final grit the blade was finished with
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    Question on when to add your Makers Mark

    I etch and on fixed blades I do it before gluing and pinning the handles. I've tried it after but etching requires some sanding afterwards and if the handle is already on it's almost impossible to avoid "j" hooks at the handle where I start the sandpaper. Obviously on folders it's a nonissue...
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    How do I send pics in private message?

    Imgur is free. I have an account and use it to host all my pics. They also have a phone app that is alright, not great but good enough. Photobucket locked everyone's pics behind a paywall a few years ago but have since lifted that. But for how long who knows. I'll NEVER deal with photobucket...
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    How do I send pics in private message?

    Check out You can host pics there and I don't think you need an account. But making one (account) will make things easier in the future I think it's the best/easiest out there IMO They even provide a link that you can copy and paste
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    Shoot Me, Put Me Out Of My Misery!

    My wife doesn't even ask if I want to go to most things Because if i don't absolutely have be there I won't
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    Collaboration with Matt Gregory

    Extraordinary work from both of you. Really top level stuff. Beautiful.
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    Small wheel question

    Side note: Make sure you run your small wheels slower than you do a large wheel. There's some math that can be done to show how a small wheel will run exponentially faster as the wheel gets smaller, but all you really need to know is that you'll burn the bearings out running them too fast.
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    First Swedge

    Looks great. A well done swedge really adds a lot of character to a knife. Generally, sedges aren't sharpened. Sometimes but not usually. And, in some states, a sharpened swedge can make the knife illegal if double edge knives are against the law in that state. Like Michigan where I live.
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    Any advice

    Make sure you're wearing a respirator when grinding any kind of CF. That fine dust can do really nasty things to your lungs.