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    Georgia Custom Knifemakers Guild Meeting

    The husband and wife team at Oldetown Cutlery are really nice. I've also been to their store (Nice!) and visited them at their booth at Bladeshow. Their was talk of holding some classes at their store in the future. Anyone else going to the Guild meeting? Scott
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    Georgia Custom Knifemakers Guild Meeting

    Looking forward to this!
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    Tracking Problem

    Just an observation. From the photos here it looks like there isn't much or any crown to the tracking wheel. Is that just a product of the picture? I have seen people put tape on them to increase or add to the crown. More crown could possibly help with the wandering while using the big wheel...
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    A little help needed

    Wrap the blade portion with a cold wet cloth and spot heat the tang with a propane torch in the hole locations, then drill. Won't take much or long. If you keep the blade cold you should not lose the hardness/temper. Or purchase and use carbide drill bits.
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    Villa Rica/Carrollton,Ga/East Al. Georgia Custom Knifemakers Fall Meeting

    Thanks, looking forward to meeting everyone.
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    Just wanted to update everyone

    Ed, we met at this last Blade Show and talked briefly. Well, you took the time to talk, share and I felt the interest you exuded. I was impressed with your genuine friendliness and would have loved to spend an afternoon talking with you. Thanks for that, sincerely. I have a family member who...
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    Specific hand sanding question

    Thank you Ed.
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    Specific hand sanding question

    Does anybody who has used these Sandflex blocks use them with lube or some solution - windex, wd40, oil?
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    Surface Grinder

    Not sure if this will help you or future tinkerers, but here is a link to a magnet supplier. I do hope this helps. SS
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    Help Id'ing Damascus

    What an awesome thing that would be, to hook up with a kindred spirit close by. I'm in West Georgia, due west of Atlanta. Thanks for the encouragement and advice. SS
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    Help Id'ing Damascus

    Thank you C Craft. Your advice is sound and I have learned a lesson, no doubt. Totally my failure, but memory loss (and lack of receipt) is a tough pill as well. Since I don't have my own equipment for heat treating I will have to rely on someone to do it and I don't know if anyone would be...
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    Help Id'ing Damascus

    After numerous unsuccessful emails, I have come to an impasse. A beautiful (expensive) blank without a heat treat recipe. Anyone have a suggestion please? SS
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    Help Id'ing Damascus

    I think I decided to impulsively plop down some dollars on stainless, but that could be a wishful memory. It was very hard not to completely empty my wallet. The piece, 12' x 1 1/4" was $ 100.00 + -, if the memory is real. Like I said, I didn't get or ask for any receipts. (Mistake not to happen...