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    Sources of useable scrap metal?

    Most fabricating shops have a scrap bin.
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    AEB-L Etch

    Hi Fred, yes the AEB-L is stainless. (Professionally HT'd and with cryo to 61 HRC) The FC is working, although it is not quick. But, as the picture shows I am getting some strange patterns.
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    AEB-L Etch

    Good day all. I'm hoping to get some info/insight about this etch on some AEB-L. HRC 61 .070 thick Sanded to 400 grit, not cleaned with anything, just wiped clean with paper towel. Etched in FC at 60 degrees for 30 minutes Rubbed down with steel wool lightly, although the pattern was pre-wipe...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    I'll have to investigate them. Thanks.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Love the top pattern a bunch. If you don't mind me asking: What are you using to draw these? Scott
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    New "XL Double" Sanding sticks from KnifeMakerTraing!

    So, when will they be available?? Scott
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    Hey Man, Got A Light?

    If you want just an awesome screw in light bulb, check out Cree bulbs. The big box stores have them. I am using a 75 watt spot in one of the cheap clamp on reflector lamps at my grinder and I swear I am outside on a sunny day. Scott
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    G/Flex Expoxy Bond

    60 grit cross hatch and swirls, clean truly well, Gflex and spring clamps. Hardest part is waiting on them to cure. ;-)
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    Prayers needed...

    Wishing you major success ! Scott
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    NOW....I can let them be seen

    Turned out gorgeous Ed! Any particular tips on finishing the Ultrex (Suretouch?)? Hope you can hit the shop more. Scott
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    Proud enough to share pictures.

    Oh yes Dennis, hand sanding is a mess. One little hesitation and .... Again. I do use Rhynowet paper and a backer with either WD40 or Windex as wetting agent.
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    Proud enough to share pictures.

    Ktip Steel AEB-L .110 HRC 61-62 OAL 9 7/8" Cutting edge 5 7/8 Handle stabilised Box Elder dyed burl with TruOil Brass Corby bolts and GFlex .010 behind edge @ 18 degrees Finished to 400 grit
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    3D Printer uses?

    Handles? If it can use suitable materials.
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    Cutting in finger holes

    I have used a large step drill. I believe mine goes from 1/4" to 1 3/8". As long as the metal has not been heat treated it works well. Use a drill press! If the largest size on the drill is too large, I've used the size I want drilling half way from both sides. Some clean up is needed if the...
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    A potential order