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    Question - used motor power supply

    Note: I said House hold 220 will not work with that motor and it will not. He must get a VFD or phase converter to make the necessary 3 phase. I run a 5 different of VFDs and love them. But, the motor is usually the cheap part. Great way to control, grinders, mills, band saws, and drill press...
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    Question - used motor power supply

    Yes you need 3 phase or a VFD that uses single phase 220 to make 3 phase. "House hold" 220 will not work with that motor.
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    Aluminium Brass

    It is more difficult to saw than regular bronze. Has a nice gold color, patinas less and is tough. I got some around. One piece of round stock about 3" in dia. Small saw hates it. Hard for me to get usable pieces off from it. Need big saw with large teeth.
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    Burl Hunter - Don't think I'd cut this one up.

    Just needs a bite me sign.
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    Wood vs Stabilized wood.

    Here is my take Stabilized wood is great. Lot less finish work to get a great finish. Putting all those coats of finish oil takes a lot of time and you still have to sand it to the same grit. As state some woods would be worthless as knife handles without it. As stated some woods don't need it...
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    milling table or vise for drill press?

    I have a small cross slide vise for my drill press. It is set up to quickly bolt to the drill table. They are great for holding things firmly in place and getting it well centered under the drill. Wouldn't mill with it, but, glad I have it. What you have pictured is just a small machinist vise...
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    Wiring Motors CW and CCW to run in tandem

    Pictures when you have it setup!!
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    Need help with electric kiln

    Was the picture of the interior taken from the top looking down. What are the inside dimensions? If you can make the 2 elements connect in series outside the oven interior it should be able to handle 220. But, here is what I would do if it were mine. Move legs and turn it on its side so that you...
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    Matchlock Axe/Pistol

    Oh, ya the Golden Hind is a much better fit for a piece such as this. Maybe Bruce will come up with a Chinese type cut n shoot one day. Dragons would work quite well with something like that also. I just have a thing about real history. Kinda like Columbus discovered America. The others who...
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    Matchlock Axe/Pistol

    Not to take away from Drake or Magellan as they where great men in history. But, actually the Chinese Admiral Zheng He was probably the first to sailed round the world and just about everywhere else in the early 1400s during their Voyages of Discovery. Ruins of some of their junks have been...
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    Matchlock Axe/Pistol

    Just to cool. Fine work and material use.
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    Grain direction in steel

    How the steel was rolled does not have anything to do with the actual grain of the metal, which is reset by proper HT, but it does affect any slag or small inclusions in the billet. This is far less of an issue than it was in the past. The amount of these in current tool steel is close to non...
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    Femina Dominatus Damascenus

    Very not so nice. LOL
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    drilling 304 stainless

    I have never noticed 304 being hard to drill. A bit gummy, but not hard. You can get a variety of stainless tig rod at any welding store. 308 rod is very close to 304