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    4" Hunter template thoughts

    I'll talk about the steel you are planning to use. While any steel will work, I consider 80 CRV2 better for large knives like choppers. To me it's basically a tougher 5160 like steel. I prefer either 1084 or 1075 for carbon steel hunters.
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    Piggyback sheath

    I'm the rare one here. Since I started in leathercraft, I enjoy it. Very nicely crafted!
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    Don't be jealous of me.

    Two of my favorite people! Jealous? Heck no, just wish I was there!
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    Carbon Fiber Trio

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    How long you been making knives?

    I started about 14 years ago as a cutler putting handles on other folks blanks. In 2011 I took an ABS Intro to Bladesmithing class, and been forging my own ever since. I forge about 90%, and do about 10% stock removal.
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    What do you all think of Bolo (The Rolling Knife)?

    I'm having a bit of a problem seeing this as a tool in the spirit of the forum. Looks more like a promotional vide for investors. You might want to look at joining DYI cooking groups. You might better luck with that demographic of users.
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    Custom Hunter

    Very nice! I too want to see the truck...
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    I would suggest reading volume one for the basics, and Chuck's DVD set for more advanced things. Both have a lot of info. The book has a list of what tools you need for each project. To start you really don't need much.
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    G0704 Equipment Project: The Mill

    Setting up my mill. The real work of cleaning and tramming it has yet to begin. Had to move the whole shop around to fit it in... Box one of tooling and accessories. I think I have spent on more them than the mill cost me! LOL
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    Outlet location in shop?

    All mine are above bench height. I left space from the wall behind my bench for cords to fall into. Makes it easier to plug things in.
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    Helpful knife building websites

    Good morning! After years at this I still use Ed's site, and Kevin Cashen's site for heat treat information. Two of most accurate sites out there.
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    Material thickness for a B&T blade....

    I've used final thickness of anywhere between .80" to 1/8". Most of the ones I've made have been 1084 or the thinner ones 15N20. I differentially heat treat in my shop. I rarely use stainless as I forge 95% of my blades. The HT is how I achieve my flex.
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    First timer to the forum, glad to be here! Here's my latest.

    Nicely done! Welcome to the pack!!!
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    Grinding shoulders on a belt machine.

    Little secret, I grind and forge sitting in a chair too Fred.