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  • Wayne, sorry I haven't replied, but I didn't notice until today that I had a message. I used to attend church with the Thompson's. I have been to Sitting Bull Falls and Last Chance Canyon many times.
    Tom, I have been to Carlsbad many times. My mother lived there on Bryan St. until she and her husband, Elzy Thompson, moved over to the senior community. Back in the late '50's and early '60's we liked to go out to Sitting Bull Falls. Once we climbed the cliff and followed the stream back to the spring. The water was so clear that at one place where I wanted to cross and I could see that that the water was only an inch or two deep I stepped in,,,,,and went out of sight. The last time I drove out there about 20 years ago I could not even recognize it, I think that the cliff had fallen off and you could not walk around behind the falls and into the cave.
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