hunting knife

  1. F

    semi-integral forged in multi-bar damascus

    Good morning, first publication of my work here is a semi-integral forged in multi-bar damascus with U-shaped welding warthog handle with damascus pommel.
  2. H

    Crocodile Dundee Knife - Bowie Hunting Knife

    Famous Knife from movie Crocodile Dundee that's not a knife this is a knife. Product Details: Length 18 Inch, Blade 12 Inch. Handle 6 Inch. Blade made of J2/D2 Stainless steel. Discounted Price 150$ with Free Shipping.
  3. HHH Knives

    Rare and Beautiful Diamond Willow Burl Damascus Hunting Knife

    Red Hawk Hunter, By HHH Knives. HHH Knives is proud to offer this handmade custom knife for your consideration. OAL, 8 1/2 inches HHH Damascus 3 3/4" cutting edge handle. 3/16 thick tapered tang with convex grind blade. Damascus was forged by Randy Jr.. And is called Zebra.. Handles are...