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  • good morning,
    would like to join the Christian Knifemakers group. unsure how one would do that.
    thank you
    scott livesey
    Hi Randy.
    Will you be concidering stabilizing mammoth tooth scales of other makers? If so do you have any idea of what you will be charging. I have many sets on hand. Regards. Frank
    Hi Randy,
    Just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about the Knife blank you sent me. My thumb is coming along, but I am having trouble holding a blank to the platen. Just don't want to ruin that blank doing something stupid:sweatdrop:. So I am in the learning process of using this Thumb and when I feel confident enough I'll take a shot at it:biggrin:
    Craig Johnson
    Canyon Country, Ca
    Hi my name is holland bramlitt I am the one who is interested in the feather damascus it doesnt have to be excatley 3/32 thick it could be from that to .100 thick.
    Hello, My name is Randy Haas, I am a full time knife maker... Its my Passion and I thank God that he has blessed me to be able to make these beautiful, functional, working knives.
    All the knives I make are designed and built to be used. made tough and built to last, And to feel perfect in hand. Im a knife user first, and a knife maker second. So the function of the tool is of the utmost importance.... And I am a perfectionist, continually striving to make ever knife better then the last!
    Recently My oldest son Randy Jr. age 19.. Has joined me working full time in the shop. He is forging damascus blades, as well as making knives, Keep a eye on this kid.. as hes going places in the knife world, His passion and excitement for the steel has breathed a new life into the shop. It brings me great joy to be able to work side by side with him and I count myself as blessed!

    Randy Haas, HHH Knives
    Hey Randy, Good to see you on here. Hope you'll stop by our little forum down in the Knife Material Suppliers section. Just look for Wood Stabilizer!

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