12C27 stainless heat treat ??

Looks like you're good to go - good luck on the hunt..... what are ya'll hunting down there?
It will be deer this time out Ken. It is a local hunt about 20 miles from home on a farmer friends property. Otherwise I go up into the high country after goats and rabbits which are also very good eating so along with my sheep we have a good meat supply..
Was supposed to be away hunting today but the property owner had to be away for the day so I will get a look at it later in the week when he is home again. I had the day in the shed instead and decided to make a pair of table knives. My wife prefers a shorter knife to me so made a his and hers set and got that ready to HT. With the 12C27 SS kitchen knife set powdered and foil wrapped, I fired up the forge and got them all heat treated. Was a simple thing to keep the heat controlled at the required 1960 degrees for the SS and 1560 for the 15N20 HC table knife set. You will notice a "spare" in with the kitchen set which was a first attempt at the large sicer that I got the bevels wrong on so I reshaped it into a general purpose knife.