1911 holster...


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Not a sheath but it's leather so I figured it should go in the knife sheath forum.
this is my first 1911 pancake holster, it has an Elephant hide overlay on the front. I'm using patterns I'm drawing up myself so I'm still learning how to do that right. the next one I'm going to move the stitching out from the frame of the gun just a titch and bring the leather up about a half inch at the trigger guard. it's not perfect but this one is for me so it'll work.


You're making good use of that sewing machine - your holsters look good. Making a good pattern for the first holster sure is the hard part. I usually wind up making two holsters - one for creating the pattern, and by the time I get it fitting ok it's got too many stitching holes, so it turns out to be the pattern. Since I'm only making a holster for my own use it's a lot of work..... but something I like to do.
I am a holster snob to be sure and I say there is nothing wrong with that holster. I like the overlay a lot. That would look good stitched in black thread too. Great first holster.