2017 KD Members Choice Awards - NEO TRIBAL / BUSHCRAFT / HAWKS, AXES

Neo Tribal

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Brad Lilly

Moderator and Awards Boss
I will submit my own knife (the only knife I made in 2017). 5160 blade with a heavy etch, blued mild steel fittings with a etched copper spacer. The handle is aluminum core with cord wrap over it. The cord is epoxyed to seal it together


Johan Nel

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Ed Caffrey did the Damascus hatchets, the "Ragnar's Dream" and a double bit hatchet that I saw last year (2017). I would like to nominate his double bit hatched as copied below:
Thought I would do something different..... a Double Bit Hatchet in "Fossil" Damascus. :)

16 3/4" overall, head is 6 3/8" edge to edge. Head is finished with clear Gun-Kote for near zero maintenance, and durability, Blackened Hickory handle with Tru-Oil finish, and leather sheath.