2017 KD Members Choice Awards - TOP DOG

Brad Lilly

Moderator and Awards Boss
Who is our "TOP DOG"?

Who is the one person you feel has done the most to make this site the success that it is, who makes your stay here more comfortable, who selflessly has helps others whether they are members or not, who spends their precious time in community service.?????

Your nomination here requires a couple paragraphs explaining why you think that they are our own "TOP DOG"

2. No photos required

Dennis Morland

I would nominate John Wilson. My thought process includes that he is often times the first person to post on new threads. He is a regular that seems to be online 24/7. He is always on point and helpful. He welcomes new members in the introduction forum. He is just an all around good guy that goes out of his way to being kind to all the members here on Knife Dogs. He exemplifies the description of a "top dog" as set forth by Brad Lilly. When I read the description - I instantly thought of John Wilson and I am fortunate enough to nominate him for his service to KD as this year's Top Dog.