3V Anakuma Waki {Zirc Habaki}


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Just finished up this order for a good customer of mine. It was a challenging build, but I am pretty pleased with it.
This one I made a 1 piece Zirc Habaki. That was probably the trickiest part of the whole build. Not sure I would do it again, but it was something I wanted to do because I have never seen it done before. The Menuki is hammered and orange peel Zirc as well.
The guard is Titanium and the handle wrap is soaked in G/flex epoxy.
The blade is 15" of .280" 3V with fullers on the sides and my signature tapered fuller on the spine. OAL is just shy of 24'

The sheath is wrap around kydex, with a synthetic suede liner and bison hide cover.

Comments are welcome.

I really like this knife. The detail on the hammer finish, colors, the wrap over the cord. Really great job