A couple Scagel inspired folders

Chuck Gedraitis Knives

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A few years ago I made a few Scagel inspired folders and at the urging of a couple of collectors I have made a few more. These are a lot of work to make and require a lot of planning but the results are pretty cool and my original idea. All have 4in blades.

The top one has a CPM154 blade, 416 stainless bolster and stacked handle material consisting of modern materials like carbon fiber, LSCF, G-10, micarta, titanium and the end piece is green canvas micarta. Gold anodized titanium liners.

The traditional one has a blade made of 1095 with hamon and a brass bolster. The stacked material consists of desert ironwood, white paper micarta, brass, natural linen micarta, bakelite, stabilized maple burl, red and white spacers. The butt is crown stag with blue anodized titanium liners.

The last on has a CPM154 blade with stainless bolster. The stacked material is natural linen micarta, red G-10 and stainless spacers. The handles are amber stag. Gold anodized titanium liners.

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Whoa!! I love them all. It took me a while but I finally decided that the one with the brass and the crown stag is my favorite. The cool factor on these are through the roof.


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Superb and cool beyond words!
If you didn't say it and if i didn't see the blade channel I would have thought that they were awesome fixed blade knives.

Rudy Joly

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Beautiful work Chuck.
If they're anything like your prior ones, the pics don't do them justice unless you see them first hand.