American valor wounded warrior hunt

Steven Janik

I Just got the OK from BOSS to implement a new program to support our military and especially our wounded and physically challenged veterans.

For the past several years I have been involved in several programs starting with Safari Club International and American Valor Outdoors Television to raise enough money to take a special vet or active duty serviceman on a trophy whitetailed deer hunt in western Wisconsin. This has been a smashing success with everyone we hosted (9 participants to date) taking their largest deer yet.

This program is held through The Brush Ranch Outfitters and is a first class experience. They have about 2000 acres of heavily managed land in the foothills along the Mississippi River in Trempeleau county. Our guest is furnished with lodging, meals, a fully guided hunt, transportation and enough hunting stories and just a little BS. Hey, I'll be there so there may be a joke or two also.

Travis Brush graciously gives us a great discount at a fully handicapped accessable facility and New Archery Products, the makers of the top broadheads and archery accessories, also play a major role in sponsorship.

To raise enough funds to make this happen we are going to ask the Knife Dogs to help with some knife donations that we can raffle off to cover expenses. It takes about $3500.00 to take a single hunter on this trip of a lifetime. This will include airfare to Chicago, all meals, upgrade to fully guided and local expenses. If we do well enough we will also include taxidermy. If we do real good, we will take more hunters.

So here's what I'm thinking and you guys and gals can chime in anytime with suggestions. You can make a knife or donate a finished piece that we can raffle off for about $200.00 each. In the past, that seems like a good number to make the raffles go quickly. If you think it is more valuable, we will price it accordingly.

I will start a list of 20 participants and you can sign up to help by posting up and I'll add you to the list. As the knives come in, we'll start the raffles and I will explain the payment method so that no one jeopardizes their PayPal account. Pictures of all the knives will be posted and a plaque will be given to our hunter listing all the names of those who helped. I will post a lot of pictures and we will all feel a little better for this.

I do have a list of candidates for the hunt which I recieve from the wounded warrior program and I'll keep everyone posted during the selection process. I will also take suggestions for a candidate if you know someone. PM me with this info so we don't clog up this thread.

The person we choose will be someone who loves to hunt, appreciates the outdoors and due to their service to our country couldn't do this on their own anymore.

Tracy has generously offered to give a $15.00 gift certificate to Midwest knifemakers Supply to anyone who sends in a knife. I'll notify him as knives are recieved and he will put your certificate on account.

If you search this forum for American Valor Outdoors you can see pics of past hunts.

If a KD member would like to participate in this hunt at their own expense, there will be a couple of spots available. LINK TO RAFFLES

Thanks in advance for your help,

1. Steve Janik
2. Bill T
3. Jim Coffee
4. Keith Willis
5. Eric Poris
6. Rudy Joly
7. G. Shahan
8. Dick Stockford
9. Mike Miller
10. Franklin
11. Rodney J
12. Bubba San
13. Bruce Meyer
14. A.W. Stovall
15. Holland Bramlitt
16. Patrick
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Rudy Joly

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Is there a deadline on producing a knife ? Obviously before the hunt.DUH.
Consider me in but I have a gagle of things that need attention first.


G. Shahan

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Hey Steve,

I am in the same boat as Rudy. If you will have me I will try to sneak one in.

Greg Shahan

Steven Janik

As far as a deadline, I need to have everything sold by Sept 15. I think we will get a few quick starts to get the ball rolling. If we get enough in by the end of July we should be able to keep it going.

Rudy Joly

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That's do-able.
I was concerned it might be RIGHT AWAY. lol.
I'd like to play along if you'll have me.


Keith Willis

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This will be great.Just can't help thinking what a small sacrifice this
will be,after what these men have sacrificed for my family and myself.
Thanks you all that have made these sacrifices.

God bless,Keith

James Terrio

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Once again, I'm very proud of my fellow dogs for showing their community spirit, kindness and appreciation. I'm not able to commit at this time; I already have a couple NPO projects in the works and my office manager (AKA she-who-must-be-obeyed) says I need to stop giving things away for awhile :p But if I get caught up on stuff in the next few weeks, I'll be happy to help.

Steven Janik

This is great!
Almost half full in 1 day. Although I'm not sure if we'll stop at 20 but we don't want to burn out a good thing.

I'm thinking that the finished knives can be sent to me and I will do the photos and start the raffles. If you prefer to do your own pics and ship from your shop then I'll need e-mails of the pics.

I will PM everyone with my address in a few days.

Just a side note. There will be a special drawing for a wonderful, yet still undetermined gift for one lucky participant. We'll do a random number draw off the list when it's all over.
Got any ideas?, let me know.



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i now i sent you a pm but either way you want the one you allready have or if you want to do two of them let me now and i will send you a second one to help maybe that micarta one i showed you at badger show let me now and ill send right away


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Three things I'm very passionate about whitetaile hunting, making knives. and supporting our trops. Don't know if I have ever made a knife that would have sold for 200 dollars; but If you will have me I would like to be part of this.
God Bless

Steven Janik

Got you down, Franklin and Rodney J.
Rodney, we can set it up for whatever you feel the value is, but don't underestimate yourself. Good clean work is worth the price.



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I would like to contribute a knife or two . As a disabled vet myself , I know what some of these soldiers and ex soldiers are going through . Most of the money I make from my blades ends up getting donated to the service organizations anyway, DAV, amvets , american legion etc; So you can count me in . Bubba-san

Steven Janik

Thanks Bubba, You are in.

My address is
Steve Janik
16601 Edgewood Drive
Plainfield, Illinois

If you want to just send me pics to
I will post them in the raffle and notify you of the winner when it is time to ship.



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Add me to the list I'd love to donate on just let me know when it needs to be done I will start on it asap

Holland Bramlitt

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I would love to participate in this if u will have me. Please let me know and where to ship the knife and i will get started on one if u will have me. Holland Bramlitt
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