Anyone do the AEB-L Double Quench?

Darrin, I've been wanting to try A2, is it expensive? One of the reasons I started using AEBL was that it was more affordable. Before that, I was really liking 14c28n but the supply seems to have about dried up.
The A2 is more expensive than the AEBL...I have been using only A2 for a year now...I love it so far. I think perhaps I have a harder time sharpening it than some of the commercial knives i have...It's most likely me. It grinds beautiful....seems very tough. It's been around a lonnnnng time. Since it's a tool steel availability is good. I started with 0-1...went to A2 (both i was familiar with as a machinist/tool maker) I actually bought some AEBL and if I recall it was almost half the cost of A2. I'm holding off using it as I am still experimenting with A2 recipes....

Hope this helps.