Artificial Sinew

Alden Cole

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I ordered some artificial sinew from ebay for hand stitching leather sheaths. After stitching one sheath with it, I am having difficulties with it and am thinking of trying to return it for these reasons. #1, it stretches a lot as I pull the stitch tight. #2, it wears quickly, even as I am stitching a single sheath it is wearing the thread down. #3, it does not look nice, probably because I wasn't pulling it as tight as I normally would, because it stretched and wore down so quickly. Is this normal in artificial sinew, should I be treating it differently than other kinds of thread, or am I completely using it wrong? Here is a link to where I bought it from. I would appreciate any insight. Thank you!
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I guess what I am trying to ask is just whether sinew should stretch or wear from normal stitching pulling and stuff.
I have used artificial sinew in sewing sheaths before and I have not had those issues. Maybe its the supplier. I get most of my stuff from Springfield leather now. They have a killer on split shoulders now I scored one craftsman grade 10 oz. for $25. Not a blemish on it and just one hole.
Thanks guys, I think I will switch over to USA made sinew, instead of the stuff from India that I was having problems with.
I agree with the others. I have gotten my artificial sinew from Jantz and never had any of the problems that you describe. I will agree with Chris that you need to get a cake of bees wax and rub the sinew over it even if the sinew comes pre-waxed.