scott mack

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I have a kitchen knife I am working on .09 thick ats34, it picked up a twist during heat treatment. Foil raped, oil quenched. Can I just re do the heat treatment like I would with carbon steel ? Or are there other steps involved with this steel. Will this steel harden using the aluminum plate quench method.
Thanks! Scott


Scott, just saw your post so may be late but will give my 2 cents as I use ATS34. You could attempt a redo at pre austentizing temp to straighten but you would have to straighten with no foil wrap so would have to deal with the scale at some point... but...stainless is more brittle than standard high carbon steel and tricky to re heat treat and may want to chock up to experience and start over and do your grinding post-heat treat for steel that thin on next one. I use plate quench with good success on it as this is an air hardening tool steel and not typically oil quenched. It does make a nice kitchen knife as I made one out of it and like the edge holding and no rust.