Birth of a Sword

This is a Custom 2 handed type X sword im making for myself inspired by the 13'th Warrior, and the Conan Swords. It is milled from 1084 carbon steel. All work on the blade was done by me except the fullers which i had outsourced since i haven't got access to a milling machine. The blade is 34 inches long, 2.5 inches wide at base, tapering to 2 inches at the tip. The steel is 1/4 inch bar stock, and the grip will be roughly 10 inches long not counting the pommel. The grip will be made from either curly maple or blood wood with a metal spacer, a peened brazil nut pommel, and a standard straight guard. fittings will be antiqued to look old and battle worn. the blade will be fully sharpened and feature viking runes up both fullers.

the pictures below kind of show the blade from start to where im at now, i started by drawing the design onto the steel, then cut it out with an angle grinder. after i cleaned up the rough edges i sent the blade off to be fullered. Once the blade came back i used the angle grinder to set the edge thickness at 2mm in preparation for heat treat, then using 25 grit sanding disks on the angle grinder i flat ground the primary bevels along the length of the blade, then set the distal taper. after that i used 80 grit paper and a hand belt sander to clean up the bevels and make sure they are truly flat and even. That brings us to where im at now. I need to draw file all 4 flats and take care of any imperfections the belt sander missed, then i need to finish profiling the tip geometry and clean everything up. Once thats done the blade will be ready for 3 normalizations, oil quench, and temper to 52 RC.

Update, got the tip cleaned up and profiled in preparation for heat treat, just got a couple spots to clean up and into Hells Mouth it goes!