Camp Choppas


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Sense it's the storm of the century in the Northwest and I'm hiding from the rain and wind I decided to make a pair of camp knives.... I submit to you the Camp Choppa. I had a piece of .2x1.5" 1084 that was the perfect length for a chopper inspired camp knife.

Ground and drilled

Bevel time

This should be a useful tool.

File work

Tomorrow I'll do some cleanup work and get ready for heat treatment.


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These are definitely bigger knives than I normally make but there starting to take shape. This is for a buddy that spends a lot of time in the back country. I still have some work to to d.

3/16" 1084 treated to 59rc. Primary bevel to 0.15", micarta scales and pins with orange lines and a brass lanyard tube.

Thanks for looking.

wall e

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Shaweeet sharpness. Looks like a dang good backwoods working blade. Am a lil pb an jealous.