Can some one identify this knife.


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Got this knife in the antique war shop in Prague.
Have no numbers or other insignia.
Any advise what it can be ?
Date? Origin ?

The seller said it is a US jungle knife WW2.


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What I believe you have there is a hybrid. The handle is from a Buck 184 “Buckmaster” and the blade looks to be an aftermarket blade from another survival knife from the same era (1980s) or possibly a handmade facsimile along with a handmade sheath. Unfortunately it is not a military knife from WWII.

The Buck 184 Buckmaster came along in the 80s when the Rambo movies made survival knives super popular, and the Buckmaster was the king of the genre. Your handle is missing the removable butt cap that had a tab on it where you could attach 550 paracord and the tines on the guard were reminiscent of a grappling hook. The hollow handle was for storing survival gear like matches and fish hooks. The top of the handle where it gets skinnier is where more 550 paracord would be wrapped.

Although it is not a military collectible it’s a good conversation piece.