D2 integral


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i bought some carbon fiber cloth, it's not cheap stuff here, and got some stainless mesh, it's a very fine mesh used for filtration.
i then glued them togeter with epoxy layer by layer, i wanted to make some and sell it but i only have a limited amount of stainless mesh and buying it is just crazy expensive, when i did the math it turned out i would need to sell a pair of scales for about 100$ to make a profit :34:

I don't know your market in Israel etc but people have charged more for less?
It looks very nice and exotic, maybe you could sell a few to cover your costs on the ones you use?

I do want to say that your knife design is exceptional!
The handle shape along with the blade profile on this integral knife just scream SEXY!



Roger T

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Wow! What a sleek design.

I saw the picture posted in the Members Awards thread and had to come here to see some more photos. This knife has gorgeous flowing lines. I love the way the blade shape is reflected in the handle. Your innovative choice of materials and superb workmanship are very inspiring. Beautiful and Unique!

Roger T


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thank you both very much for the kind words Roger and Laurence (sorry for the late response),

i have a roll of stainless mesh that will last me for years as long as i don't sell any of it, and i got it for free :).
and to be honest i don't really have time at the moment to do side projects like making handle matirials like i used to have (back when i opened the thread ( exactly one year ago! :D )