Does anybody know anything about this blade?


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A friend of mine showed me this weapon and I was immediately drawn to it. I was wondering if anyon recognizes it or knows anything about its history. There is a running wolf mark on the blade which I think is german, but that is all I could find out.

I could tell on one side where it was worn down that it had been carried quite alot, does anyone know if this kind of sword is worth anything? She picked it up at a garage sale for less than a dollar so either way she did pretty well. If its nothing special I'd like to buy it from her for my own meager colection. I've seen a few fakes before, and this thing looks nothing like those. Usually it seems like people try to fake the rare and asthetically pleasing blades like the katana or broadsword. This one is a little different.
It looks like a coustille style short sword, from the condition and the visible plunges at the start of the bevels I would guess that it's a reproduction rather than an original, but I'm far from an expert.
Hello Joe,
This sword called a Roman Pugio, this sword was in use at the end of the 15th - beginning of the 16th century, and later in 1520 they disappeared almost completely.