Early Christmas gift


I got this today from my step-dad. His father brought it home from WWII. So cool. Definitely the new coolest knife in my collection. Any info you may know about it is appreciated. Merry Christmas everyone.20201220_163447.jpg20201220_163424.jpg20201220_163406.jpg
I definitely wouldn't sell it ! its a nazi dagger and VERY collectable. do some research and ask the appropriate price if you do decide to sell
I won't be selling it. I understand your point, but to me it represents victory over evil, as I can only assume it was taken off a dead or captured Nazi. My sons already collect knives, so this one will just continue to be passed down.thank God for the greatest generation who defeated the Nazis!
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Wow! This is a Nazi knife. A strange gift. It will definitely become the highlight of your collection. However, I would be terrified to have such a knife at home. I believe in energy, and this knife is clearly not good. Besides, who knows how many people were killed with this knife? Maybe it would be better to sell it to some kind of museum. I have also received different gifts in my life, strange and not so strange, but this one is a very strange gift. I like sentimental gifts, like a photograph on canvas or a painting. I have ordered such gifts more than once at The Frame Room. Well, it would be interesting to see what you do with this knife.
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I wonder if it’s more of a dress dagger or officers dagger - it’s definitely a nice collection piece.
Oops - didn’t realize this thread was a relic.
LOL I do that pretty often.

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