EDC from O1 and G10

Here is another of mine called the Jax. It is an EDC made from O1, G10 scales, and carbon fiber pins. The overall length is 7 3/4”. The cutting edge is 3 3/4”. The handle length is 3 7/8”. Hammered textured edge down the spine, around the handle and sides of the blade. Comes with kydex sheath. I have more pics if you are interested. Asking $125 plus shipping but am open to offers. Thanks for looking!


Chris Railey

I like your picture box that is a great idea. Unless I miss my guess I believe you will find it pretty hard to sell a knife to those on this site because 99% of us are knife makers who have spent money to tool up for making knives so we find it hard to justify spending more money on a knife. Please do not take negativity from it if no one makes an offer. If you need advice or have questions this is your place.