Engraver or a Carver needed

Chris Martin

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Hey Dogs,

I got my first custom order details pretty much worked out with the customer.

Everything is just fine accept he wants a skull engraved or carved into the material. Material used will be either Black Mother Of Pearl, Marbel or polyester type material. Handle length will be around 8-9". I am also talking with him to see about using a red/black Micarta.

Do any of you do this type of work, or at least point me in the right direction. I am trying to keep it within his budget, so the cheaper the better. But I know with anything detail like this it can get pricey.

Thank you all and I hope to get this figured out soon.


Wayne Coe

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Chris, I just sent a message to Steven Van Dike to join Knife Dogs and then contact you about this.

Chris Martin

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Awesome...gonna send you a PM here shortly buddy. Thank you!

If you use micarta or g10 I can help you out with that.

Stabba Cadabra, I thought about Ken when he first mentioned engraving....but I dont think with the budget we are on that could happen. I know Ken is super busy too. I would love to have some of his work on this design. Just dont know if its possible right now.
Okie, Get in touch with Ken Hurst right here on the Forums;)


Wayne did indeed do me the kindness of letting me know about this thread.

I've sent you a PM Chris. One way or another we'll get you covered.