Ferrum flos WIP


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Just keep it going.
Im anodizing the two titanium plates

That is sooo cool. like magic.
starting the filework on the topbit.

this is the files that i use.

Ok fun fun fun. testmounting the knife.

There is some thing left to do.
I sand and mirrorpolich the riccaso cuse i think it will be a cool effect.'

sanding and policed the topbit

I have to sharping the blade before assambling becuse the guard will be in the way when mounted.
You can do a light sharping when the guard is there but not grind a cutting edge.

Polich all parts and checking them befor glue.

Glue and the knife is done. Finally!!!

cut out the leatherparts

I do not think that somebody is going to carry this knife around so the shath is more like an blade and edge protectian.
Marking were the stich are going to be.

Drilling holes for stich.

I have this crazy old lizzardskin laying around in my workshop so i thing it will real nice to this knife.
Glue the leather to the lizzadrskin.

Sawing the sheath

The only thing left is to grinr the edges down but i forgot to take pic sorry guys

i use a dremel and a sandingdrum for that job

Making a simple stand in walnut for the knife

And the knife is done
Here is some pic of my table in helsinki knifeshow. sorry for blur.

Here it is FERRUM FLOS.

Thanks for looking


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hey sir...tall me what have you done with the crapes of the damasteel sir?
would love to purches:)
Hey there. Im not sure what you mean. Do you whant to by my schrap pieces? Im sorry but i use most of my schrap to inlays and pendents.
like this

RWL blade and damsat inlay

This is a spearflower from the knife.

Bronze and abalone

This is a pen i made for my sisters husband. And the box ofcurse.
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