File to wakizashi


Colin KC

This was the biggest file I've ever seen, I rolled it a bit & then finished by stock removal, the tang was cut off & it's still over 25" long!

Off to Mr Bush's for some accurate cycling & HT soon.


Sorry about th' awful pics, I'm well know for them on britishblades:34:

it's achully cleanly ground, with a nice crisp bevel & is 1/8th smaller just before belly in both width & thickness from where the habaki goes & slightly curved up at the tip in preparation for a nice clayed HT:biggrin:
Here's some more (bloody awful) pics:

Nicely curved



A glimmer of hope for a nice hamon


's achully got a really fine microstructure going on in there (tho' you'll have to wait for proper pics, by someone else to see 'em)

More poor pics to follow
How did you get all the file teeth out ?? did you fold the steel a few times ? was that a huge farriers rasp ??
I ground the teeth off & it was a @@@@@@@ file not a rasp, no folding, just rolling & grinding
hello colin :) looks like its got the making of a real beauty!

was it water : water , or water : oil ?

What normalisation / quench temps did you run at ?