Final polish and etch Nagamaki


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I polished on this all last night and this morning for about 3 hrs. Etched in hot lemon juice for 1 hr. will do final polish after etch has set . This is the hard part of polishing , have to use small stones to do edge ( ha) can get cut at this point . Hamon looks pretty fair .
Should look much better after polish and nugui oil , I prefer hot lemon juice to ferric because, lemon juice etches the blade dark and the hamon light looks more traditional , it just takes a few hr soak .. .... Bubba
Bubba - I asked a question in the other topic about this blade, here I see you used ngui. If you have a source or a recipe you would share, I would seriously appreciate an email.
beautiful work.
I switched to vinegar for etching for the same reason, I have a whole tank full of it I just stick my blades in for an hour or so, knock off the oxides, hit the yakiba with pumice on a pad, and repeat about 6 times. Sometimes I let it go for a couple or 3 hours. Every now and then I do 2 or 3 quick etches in dilute ferric (about 1 minute or less) and then switch to vinegar for about 3 more. It works just the same, but its faster.

Besides the ngui, do you ever use loose abrasives on the back of the blade, above hamon? I use pumice on hamon and it makes a huge difference, but I haven't found anything I like to get rid of the little swirls and stuff from abrasive paper on the back portion of blade. That is the thing I need to learn to do to optimize the way my blades look. The hamon are vivid and white and active, and kind of irridescent in person, but I can't get the back of the blades to look right to set them off. You obviously have figured that one out.

thanks for sharing,