worthy of heat treating

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Hey All,
Just wanted to get some feedback from everyone. I have been busy in the shop learning how to use my NWG and here is what I have to show for it.

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Started with a .25" thick bar of CPM154 and got it down to about 3/16" thick. The edge isn't perfectly flush with the wheel, but that is going to be ground down to the cutting edge so I don't care at this point. Also, I'm going to be grinding it a bit more after heat treat so a few flaws will be corrected once that is done.
9.5" OAL
4.25" blade
Feels very good in the hand and deceivingly light weight.
I will be attaching some MCAM G10 for the scales. More pics to come after heat treat.
All comments are welcome.
Thanks for looking!

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Looks dang good from my end of the world wide web. Look forward to seeing your progress.


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Agree with the top 2 comments nothing wrong with that can't wait to see it completed.