Finished up a small batch of MagnaCut tanto framelocks

JRB Blades

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This model was called the *Fighter* in the last batch. I didn't like that name, so I changed it to the *Rougarou* (Roo-ga-roo)

They all have .140" MagnaCut blades with compound grinds. They all have .135" Titanium scales that have been contoured. Two of them are bead blasted and stonewashed (lighter color) and two of them are AO blasted and stonewashed (darker color). They all have hidden stop pin tracks. They all have Titanium hardware (from TiConnector) that has been anodized. They are all running on Skiff bearings. Lock faces have been carbidized. Rockwell hardness ranges from 63.5-64 (professionally heat treated and HRC tested by Jarrod Todd) and sharpened to 18 degrees per side. This batch was a collaboration with Rosiesrippers (knifemaker from Instagram). He did the bevel grinding and I did all the rest.

Thanks for looking!

#4 is SOLD
#6 Unavailable (Raffle on IG)




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I currently have a raffle going on Instagram (@jrbblades) for #6 pictured above. 10 spots at $40 per spot, with 6 spots still available if anyone is interested. Follow me on IG and PM me or Pm me here for a spot. Thanks!
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