First Neo Tribal & First post

That's a nice looking knife. I think a lot of you NT guys on this forum would make good sailors, you're so good at lashing and knots. I wear pull on boot because I could mess up tying my shoes. Hat's off to you Buck. Good job.

Speaking of lashing, what kind of cord did you use? It looks to be of hemp, or possibly jute. I saw a pair of 10,000 year old sandals found in a cave in the mountains of Oaxaca Mexico. They were made of the fibrous material that comes from the long agave fronds chopped off the pina part of the agave used for making Mezcal. Those fronds are full of tough fibers that had been twisted into cords, then used to make the sandals. They looked like they could still be worn.
Funny, speaking about cordage. Once back in the seventies I was driving across Indiana or Illinois one, I don't remember, but I was out in the country. I was passing these huge fields surrounded by high chain link fences topped with concertina wire. Being somewhat acquainted with certain plants (especially the more fun ones) I soon couldn't help but notice that these huge fields were full of 12 foot high marijuana plants, row after row after row. And the fields went on for miles. As medical and recreational weed were not even concepts in those days, I was baffled. I wasn't sure I hadn't died and gone to heaven. When I got to the next town I inquired and found that what I saw was the US government hemp fields. All the ropes the military used, plus web belts, and the tops of the jungle boots were made from the hemp grown there.
I also saw plants that looked like agave when I was in the Yucatan from which I was told came sisal rope fibers. I'm not much of a botanist, but can anyone tell me the differences between hemp, jute and sisal? What plants produce them (I've got hemp) and the differences pro and con between them?