Fjäll Skerandi

Fjäll Skerandi
The name loosely translates to Mountain Cleaver, a name me and a friend came up with while joking about the swords gigantic size.

I guess I'll start out with the Basic specs

Blade Material: 1084 High Carbon Steel
Heat Treat: Blade was professionally heat treated to approximately 52HRC
Blade Length:34.5 inches
Blade Width: 2.5in at shoulder, 2in at top
Blade Thickness: 1/4in
Grip Length: 10.5 inches
Overall Length: 47 Inches
Weight: id say around 6 lbs
POB: between 5 and 6 inches from guard

Special thanks to Jonathan Sarge, Yeshua Sword, Tinker Pearce, John Lundemo, and Brendan Olszowy. Without you guys I'd never have made it through this Monster of a Project. Mad Respect for the Lot of you

Picture time.....there's lots of em :oops:

Impressive!!!! Did you forge or stock removal? How'd you get the blood groove in?

Again, I'm VERY impressed!

Ken H>
Thanks guys, it was made via stock removal. i use an angle grinder and alot of hand filing. its a monster of a blade, inspired by the 13th Warrior :]