Framehandle Takedown Question(s)

Jon Kelly

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I am working on a framehandle bowie and am getting ready to drill the frame for the screws which hold the scales on. It appears as though some guys drill an oversized hole and install some kind of tubing insert, which is then threaded, rather than threading the frame? My frame is unhardened carbon steel, so could/should that be threaded? Also not certain what is commonly used for screws in this application. I want this to be a complete takedown since so much work goes into it I hate to glue it up. I appreciate any advice you can offer.


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You could tap the frame,one of the reasons to use a stand off is to give you more threads to work with and they are more secure due to the fact that they won't be flush with the frame but will stand proud and need to be counter sunk into the back side of the scales the same as internal hidden pins would be.