GALLERY: Balisong Butterfly Knife Pictures ONLY

Just got these in the mail last week.

Curious about your karambit-song. Is it made by Warren Thomas?
By no means looking for trouble, I have had 3 designs ripped off and it is a hobby of mine to keep up with them : )
Only place I have found the karambit-song copy is on Australia website.
PM or email me if you wish,

knife guy

Those are some sexy knifes. I have been looking to get a moderately priced balisong. I was wondering if you would know what a good starter would be?


Was on a waiting list for 7 years for this Master Crafted Bali.

Actually it's a 30 dollar Bear & Sons, my first Bali, that I was DETERMINED to make the coveted Spring Latch. Isn't it beautiful?????

haha, I have since purchased the Morpho, but I swear, I still like playing with this thing.