Hand Stitching idea……


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The reason I decided to source myself an excellent leather smith was mainly due to the thread holes. I just couldn't get the hang of it and was getting pretty fed up with it. In the end I did the ground work and found someone who does stunning sheaths which definitely are the finishing touch to my knives. I take my hat off to you guys that can do leather work as not as easy as it looks to get perfect repeatable results.


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You dont have the franchise on not understanding accents. Yours is probably unintellible to a majority of the world. I wont be posting any more videos in that case.
Relax 'n chill out - it's all in a good bit of fun. As my ex-wife says (Brazilian with a heavy accent) "Accent? What accent? I don't have an accent" - boy did she have an accent, sometimes hard even for me to understand after years of listening to her.