Hawksbill with Red Shred Carbon


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This on is quite a bit different than what I usually make, but I kind of like it. CPM 154 blade just under 3 inches, copper bolsters with a forced patina, red shred marble carbon fiber scales, and titanium spacer and liners. That hawksbill blade with the recurve was definitely a challenge to grind, but I think it turned out alright in the end. The spacer and liners were anodized a bronze color and then the flat surfaces were ground back off, leaving the coloring down in the filework only for a pretty neat effect. The pics are terrible, I know. I keep trying to take better photos, but I keep failing. Oh well. I'll keep at it.

This is a prototype design that I developed with my client. I'm not sure if I'll put this into my rotation or now. What do you guys think?