Heat treating s30v


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Hi Guys
what do you all think about heat treating s30v the same way you would 440c. I have a friend that heat treats for me and he dose the s30v the same way he dose the 440c
Do you think this is a problem?
I don't work with S30V or 440C so I was a little hesitant about answering your post. The best advice that I can give is to go to Alpha Knife Supply and look under their knife steel selections. You can find heat treating information listed there, however, my gut feeling is that S30V does not heat treat like 440C. Without looking up the information I would expect to see that there are more high temperature carbides in S30V that will require a higher and longer temperature soak to put carbon into solution.

I won't take on whether they should be, but sure they can be. 30 minutes at 1900F and double temper at 400F will give about RHC 59 for the S30V and RHC56 for the 440C - both perfectly acceptable for those steels.