Howdy fellas!

James Terrio

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Sorry I haven't been around much lately. No worries, I've just been busy in a good way. My Mil Build blades are at Peters' getting HT'ed as we speak, I'm booked four months out with custom orders and have a couple very interesting collaborations in the works. Angie and I just got moved to her hometown of Knoxville so the next few days will be spent getting the shop rebuilt. Oh yeah, we're getting married in August :)

So anyway I thought I'd pop in and say hello!
Welcome back ! Funny how life is always interupting our knifemaking , LOL

Glad to hear everything is going well buddy !

I've been wondering where you've been. Havent seen much of you in a while.
Congrats on the marraige...good luck with the shop.
Dont keep us in the dark so long.
Thanks, guys! I know y'all like dogs, so here's my best canine buddy, Rocky (AKA RockyTop, AKA RockStar). I took this pic earlier today while getting the backyard in order... the lil rascal didn't help one bit, just followed me around and laid in the shade when he got bored. I don't blame him, it reached 100 degrees here today.

Angie rescued him years ago, and he was in bad shape for a while, but with a bit of TLC he's come through very well. He's dumb as a bucket of sand and sweeter than peaches that come in a can... for some reason he and I get along just fine :p

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Congrats on the engagement!

Funny about Rocky, with Collie and Lab etc... You think he would have some smarts? I thought the pic was going to be a Pit mix type doggie.
That describes most of them to a T.

Glad things are moving for ya!