hydrogen forge?


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so yesterday im sitting in school dreaming of alaska:biggrin:and grumping about how my propane bill:49: when an idea hits me, i need to make a hydrogen powered forged, i read up about how hydrogen is made a year or so ago and i think it is time to "renew my studies " about it so i go to my old science teacher (a crazy old landy who sings "happy birthday" in opera and once in rap to people on their birth day and is kind of a mad scientists) and asked if she would be willing to help me design it and she said she'd be more than happy to help. so im wondering what you guys thoughts are on it? any sugestions are more than welcome, ill post some design ideas soon thanks guys

Rudy Joly

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I remember making hydrogen in chemistry class............
It's very volitile and the only thing it was used for was blowing things up. (not the proffesors' intended purpose) I'd keep my tank in the next county just in case with check valves in the line. Under constant pressure it burns fine but once the pressure decreases the flame finds it's way home resulting in a boom if it's contained in a closed container. I'm not sure you'd get the temps you're looking for, water was a byproduct of burning it. Maybe things have changed since the 70's, but I doubt it. It's interesting though, keep us updated on your progress.



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What about an HHO generator? I know of at least one person who successfully uses it to run a soldering/brazing torch. Plug it in, produce gas and light the torch.

Hard to say, but the electricity required to produce an amount large enough to run a forge may make it a moot point.

I don't know enough about 'em, but it's interesting in concept.

Time for the science guys to chime in.

Drew Riley

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I'm thinking there may be a reason that propane seems to be the preferred choice of the majority, and why we haven't heard of too many other bladesmiths using hydrogen gas.

But then again, that might be along the lines of what they told Edison when he was suggesting light bulbs over candles. ;) I couldn't tell ya.
Sure wouldn't hurt to learn something new anyway....