improper stabalized wood


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Folks if you are going to stabilize wood and sell it learn how to do it right. I have been using stabilized wood for over 20 years now and some of the stuff on the market is pure crapolla. If you are selling stabilized wood and it floats like a cork then it is not completely done, your business will suffer in the long run and the person buying it suffers when they go to use it. I stabilize my own but don't sell it my son stabilizes some and cuts all ours up and he sell some. We do it all together and it is all done right.
Before you sell you wood check it out for crying out loud, don't just think because you bought the stuff to do it and you know it all that it is good quality. see if it floats if so then don't sell it.
We vacuum our wood for 6-10 hours depending on what type and degree of spalting then we introduce the chemical and leave it in the vacuum for another 6-10 hours until there is absolutely no air coming out. Then we transfer that container with the wood under atmospheric pressure to a pressure tank and apply 150 lbs of pressure to it for 24 hours. I don't know if all that is needed but it works great for us and NON of our wood will float. I should take exception to that since I did some cottonwood bark that was two inches thick and it still was light did not check to see if it would float since it was so light but when I cut it the solution went completely through it. I think the pores were so big that it rain out during the curing process, anyway no one is perfect but I tell my son to not sell anything that floats and since he is in my shop he abides by my rules.
I am not trying to sell wood here don't even want to and he can sell his own he don't need me.
My problem with this rant is I had a friend by about 100 dollars worth in Dallas a couple of weeks ago and it floated like a cork and he wanted to know what to do about it, I told him to check with the seller about trading for some that did not float so maybe it will work out for him.
Hope you guys don't mind the rant but I hope it will make people think and check their product because I want everyone to do good and you have to treat customers right to do that.


Percy thanks for the info on stabilized wood as I had not heard of this test and will use it. I don't stabilize wood but have sent out wood and have wondered about the quality of work from some sources.