Irish Ring Pommel Short Sword

This one took me a lot longer than i wanted it to. But Ive Finally got it finished up. This ones made from 1095 High Carbon steel and was heat treated by Fellow Blade smithy SanMarc. The guard and pommel are made from Mild steel and given a forge scaled finish for an aged antique look. The grip core is poplar wrapped in cow leather, stained green and given a cored wrapped texture. The pommel is keyed and hot Peened to the tang, and the blade is a flattened diamond/lenticular cross section. I chose to give this one an Irish ring pommel and a guard similar to the Albion Arn Dagger.

The Specs are as Follows..

Blade Material: 1095 High Carbon Steel
Hilt Materials: Mild Steel, Poplar, Cow Leather
Blade Length: 14 3/4"
Grip Length: 4 1/4"
Overall Length:21"
Blade width: 1.89" (at shoulder)
Blade width: 1.65" (at tip)
Thickness: .175" (at shoulder)
Thickness: .120 (at tip)
Point of Balance: +2.5" from guard
Weight: 1lb 7 oz.