Japanese sword owner lost


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Hello Folks

As some of you know I polish Japanese swords , usually for myself but, occassionally I will take a repolish if it's not tore up too bad .

The problem I am having is , I cant find the owner , after I did a Kaji Toji ( Basic polish )I lost his email when my computer crashed a while ago

The Gentlemans Name is David SantosI believe he lives in Canada .. Thats all I know , except he sent me email to Rameys site !!! Rameys is off line at the present time . I asked if anyone at rameys site knew him ? That is before the site went offline no dice?. . Its a fairly nice kokatana shorter than Katana but longer than waki and rather straight blade . Compared to a full sized Katana . If anyone know him or you can pass on info to other sites? would appreciate it . I have posted it to all sites I go to . Any knowledge of this person let me know . Take care
Thanks Bubba
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I know what you mean ... I had a customer die on me once . problem was He owed me !!!!!!!! in this case , he just did not get back wth me ??

It's been a year now ? I posted it on 4 different knife and swords sites , I would hate to see him loose his blade !! just because he forgot or something else.....??
People get sick, divorced or fall on hard times or even all three.:what!:

I personnally give people about two years when something like this happens. Then If I do sell the item I write down the value and what my fees were, when and if the customer ever contacts me? we go from there.
Good luck!
I will hold on to it for at least another 6 months ... At that point I will decide what to do ? I may just hold it as part of my collection just in case . Bubba